1:1-Modell der Gleichzeituhr für Oliver Hangls "mobile highspeed exhibition" beim minus20degree-Festival, 23.-25. Jänner 2020 in Flachau, Salzburg

Mobile Highspeed Exhibitions - For a Highspeed Society - Oliver Hangl (AT)

Austrian performance- and media artist Oliver Hangl turns skiing slopes into ephemeral high-speed exhibition spaces. Better watch out, when a group of skiiers confront a random audience with contemporary artworks at more or less high speed. A brief flash in the cerebral cortex produces a lurking image. This impression might stimulate the viewer to stop, reflect and debate this international selection of artworks, all with a critical if not provocative stand towards the perpetration, ubiquitousness and overlays of today's Global Village.

Oliver Hangl is an Austrian performance- and media artist.

works by: Alfredo Barsuglia, Natalie Deewan, Johanna Kandl, Jun Yang 



gleichzeituhr 1


gleichzeituhr 2